Welcome to iMPACT – Your Pathway to Accelerated Expansion in 2021.

For ONLY USD 97 monthly or USD 997 annually, you will be granted access to over USD 25,500 worth of self-study micro-learning videos, quizzes, workbooks and much more.

You will also receive a one-on-one coaching session with Alex Ihama to review your goals and objectives for 2021 while aligning them with your purpose and your lifelong vision.

What is more, you will be added to closed networking and masterminding groups on WhatsApp & Facebook where you will be learning from other growth enthusiasts worldwide and also have access to unpublicized empowering video, audio and written content for your continuous development.

Yes, there is more. You will have access to a monthly LIVE webinar with Alex Ihama and other world-class experts and influencers as guest speakers to reinforce what you are learning!

The webinars will be recorded and you will have access to replay them or watch them if you were unable to attend it.

For a fraction of what it costs to be coached by Alex Ihama, you can have unrestricted access to his vault of knowledge and wisdom - and to him too through Zoom, WhatsApp & Facebook!

In this program, you will miss NOTHING!

Some of our bestselling courses that you will have access to are:

iGNITE – A Life Coaching & Public Speaking Certification program that will increase your confidence, clarify your purpose, strengthen your focus and equip you with the tips, tools, and techniques to coach yourself and others.
iTHRIVE – A Sales & Marketing Certification program that will empower you with our Seven Organic Laws of Exponential Growth which some organizations have used to dou ble their profits in seven months!
iLEAD – Transformational Leadership & Strategic Management Certification program that will introduce you to our rare psychospiritual technique to inform, inspire and influence others to work towards a common, groundbreaking vision.
iSHINE – Customer Service Certification program that will empower you with the mindset, skillset and toolset required to deliver the heightened level of service excellence that quickly translates to cross and upselling opportunities.
In addition to a one-on-one with Alex Ihama, as well as access to exclusive Facebook & WhatsApp groups for peer mentoring and networking, other perks and privileges include:

1) Monthly Zoom Webinars with Alex Ihama

2) Access to Over USD 25.5K Worth of Courses

3) Certificates for Completed Programs

4) Networking & Mastermind of Entrepreneurs

5) WhatsApp Mentoring with Global Participants

6) Accountability & Support to Achieve Goals

7) Bi-Annual Retreat of Global Participants

8) Scheduled One-On-One Coaching Sessions

9) Executive Pass to Events Globally

10) End of Year Celebration of Success

If there was ever a time to have access to the wisdom you need when you need it, it is now.
If there was ever a time to be part of a community of growth enthusiasts, it is now.
If there was ever a time, a time to invest in yourself, especially with an extraordinary opportunity to be trained, coached and mentored directly by Alex Ihama – for A WHOLE YEAR, it is now.
To qualify for this extraordinary offer, you must be an entrepreneur with a vision to grow exponentially or an employee or executive with a plan to transition from your career into your calling in the next three years.
You must be enthusiastic about personal development, leadership effectiveness and business expansion, and committed to going through the courses and certification programs before Dec 31, 2021.
In the words of one of our raving students worldwide:

“The content offered by ISG is relevant, necessary and geared towards personal transformation. the content is packaged such that it feels individualized. The process of content delivery and access to information is done in a way that facilitates individual learning styles at a pace that is manageable and convenient to one's work and life schedules.”

Are you ready to maximize your potential?

Are you willing to unveil the Greatness within?

How about empowering yourself to the extent of conquering your fears and challenges?

Secure your spot now – for space is limited!!

As soon as you register, we will contact you with more information and set up your coaching session with Alex Ihama

What Participants Are Saying

“The content was comprehensive, and the delivery of the program worked well. Interaction with the lecturer was balanced with independent work on the part of the student - this is good as the content requires deep analysis of self, self-awareness, and self-discovery, and the assignments forces the student to approach the program with a deep investment.”

“Alex Ihama more than anything else is a man of God. A coach who from the moment he sees you, sees in you who and what you can become. A true thought leader, a walking billboard for what happens when pains are used to create your purpose. Alex Ihama is a strategist, a realist, an inspiration, a researcher, an entrepreneur who wants to develop other entrepreneurs. A coach who wants to make the world a better place one person at a time.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

While the surveys of our students often indicate they are delighted, you have the option of a refund after the first seven days. We are so confident in the impact of this program that you are entitled to a refund if unsatisfied and therefore will refund your fees without delay.

What are the next steps after paying my subscription fees?

You will be set up with access to over USD 25,500 worth of exciting, educative and inspirational programs for you to access. You will also receive a welcome email that will share and request more information required to grant you access to the closed coaching and mentoring groups on Facebook & WhatsApp. You will also be getting the Zoom link for the monthly Live webinars with other participants around the world. And much more . . .

How do I schedule my one-on-one session?

Upon purchasing this program, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your coaching session in the welcome email.

What makes this program better than many others?

The personal touch we bring to our programs, for we value and appreciate every student and client and are known to always give more that was paid for.

In the words of a raving student,

“Alex Ihama personifies greatness in all aspects of his life and iGNITES passion & purpose in his interactions with others. As a student of the School of Greatness, I was impressed beyond expectation at the level of excellence in which he delivers his programming. The program was both intellectually stimulating as well as spiritually therapeutic. Alex is the real deal and I am honoured to call him my coach. Thanks for the impact you made in my life.” – Korrie

When does the program start and finish?

While there are some scheduled sessions for different programs, your program starts the moment you process your payment – at your pace, place and prerogative! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and have one year to finish them.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have one year to complete the USD 25,500 worth of courses and certification program, except otherwise stated or prearranged with an organization that may be sponsoring you.

Will I get a certificate if successfully completed?

For sure, you will get a certificate for the certification programs you complete. While there are no certificates for the free or single courses, everyone who completes the microlearning videos and quizzes for paid programs like iGNITE, which is our double certification program on Life Coaching & Public Speaking, iTHRIVE, which is our Sales and Marketing certificate program, will receive a certificate from either our School of Greatness in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is the pass mark of the quizzes?

The pass mark for the program with quizzes is 80%, and you have three trials if you fall short the first time.

Can I take them again if I fall short of the pass mark?

If unable to achieve 80% after three trials, we will reset your test and recommend that you go through that particular program or module again.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied with the program?

While the surveys of our students often indicate they are delighted, you have the option of a refund after the first module only. We are so confident in the impact of this program that you are entitled to a refund if unsatisfied with the first two modules.

What are some of the unique benefits of this program?
  1. The depth of our contents is beyond mere thought-provoking to being revolutionary, thereby instigating the renewal of people’s minds and inspiration to their souls.
  2. We base our contents on psychological, philosophical, spiritual and physiological research, thereby, intellectually stimulating, spiritually therapeutic & economically empowering.
  3. The outcome of our programs is remarkable and measurable, thereby enabling targets in sales revenue, leadership assessment and customer satisfaction to be exceeded.
  4. We use technology to offer a follow-up coaching and mentoring program, thereby reinforcing and inspiring participants to sustain their transformation.
  5. Our programs are facilitated live and in online micro-learning sessions with quizzes and assignments, thereby granting participants opportunities to become certified in the program.
  6. The skills learned in our programs are transferrable between roles and responsibilities as well in work and life, thereby maximizing the benefits and outcomes for life.
  7. The intensity of our programs and the propensity of our delivery challenges participants holistically, thereby empowering them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What else can you tell me about this program?

Instead of telling you, we would rather share more feedback from raving participants:

  • “It is a life-changing transformational experience for me, it has birthed an excitement in my spirit. I have never done anything like this before throughout my years of schooling or even other courses I have been on.” – Dawn

  • “The content is relevant, necessary & geared towards personal transformation. It is packaged such that it feels individualized. The process of content delivery and access to information is done in a way that facilitates individual learning styles at a pace that is manageable and convenient to one’s work & life schedules.” – John

  • “The content was comprehensive, and the delivery of the program worked well. Interactions were balanced with our work while requiring deep analysis of self-awareness & self-discovery. Assignments forced the student to approach the program with a deep investment.” – Camille

  • “This training taught me to face myself and everything that had to do with me. I had to remove all the layers and baggage that I had. Very cathartic, enlightening, inspirational, life-changing. I am now a phoenix.” – Sasha

  • “My personal experience is what l will call transformational. It helped me to wake up from my slumber to the drawing board to redefine myself, what am called to do, who the message is for and realizing the fact that l can turn my pain into gain and stop dwelling on the past when l can do something about it. l realized from this training that God has deposited so much inside of me which l have started putting into productive use. l realized from the training that my upbringing shaped who l am today and some choices I made in time past. In conclusion, this training served as a springboard unto my Greatness.” – Marianne 

In conclusion, let us say that this will likely be one of the most exciting, educative and empowering program you would have gone through.

Try us and watch yourself grow exponentially!!